Recruitment Process

Recruiting Process

Recuirting Process

The recruiting process pertains to the successive sequence of actions carried out by an organization to recognize, allure, and employ proficient candidates for job vacancies. It encompasses job analysis, candidate sourcing, screening and interviewing, conducting verifications and skills evaluations, and tendering job offers to the selected candidate. The primary objective of the recruiting process is to identify and recruit the most suitable candidate for the job position while ensuring adherence to legal and ethical standards. Competent recruiting processes are crucial in attracting exceptional talent and retaining a robust workforce.

1.Pre Labor Approval

After receiving the official demand letter from the company, the document is presented for pre-labour approval. The Department of Labor in Nepal analyzes and approves the manuscript for further processing.


The approved demand letter which is received from the Labor Department of Nepal is published in the National daily/weekly newspaper for collecting documents. Earth Smart Human Resource Nepal Pvt. Ltd., also uses different tools like the internet, SMS, telephone etc. in order to inform and collect documents. The documents are either collected through direct candidates or through sub-agents/marketing executives.

3.Candidate Screening/ Interview

We maintain the date data bank of potential candidates with full information on their skill and education, technical know-how and experience as per the employer criterion. Earth Smart Human Resource Nepal Pvt. Ltd. will shortlist the candidate for pre-interview. During the pre-interview, the short-listed candidate are given priority on a merit basis giving opportunities to all. The final interview for the short-listed candidate will be conducted by the employer himself or his representative by taking an oral, written and practical test. If the employer or his representative is not available then we arrange for a telephone or skype interview.


Departments of Earth Smart Human Resource Nepal Pvt. Ltd. are fully computerized and networked in order to provide our clients and candidates with the best and prompt service. Our staff members are always committed and ready to help their clients by providing quality manpower service.

5.Medical Checkup

Only the selected candidate will send for a full medical examination at the medical centre authorized by the government of Nepal. The candidates who are physically and mentally fit are eligible to sign the employment contract and he/she should be entitled to proceed with a visa.

6.Visa Processing

We send all the necessary documents as per requirement for further visa processing like passport copies, photographs, medical reports, experience certificates etc. to the employer.

7.Final Labor Approval

All the necessary documents like an original passport, visa copy (original if not issued online), medical report, orientation certificate, and insurance policy are submitted to the Labor Department of Nepal for final approval and immigration clearance. The Department of Labor analyzes the documents and provides final approval.

8.Travel Arrangement

As soon as a visa endorse passport or paper visa is received we give the booking to our travel agent or directly to the concerned airline to confirm seats to the nearest airport of the origin country. After the flight is confirmed we send flight details to our employer requesting them for airport pick-up and hostel arrangements.

The requirement of documents usually varies from country to country but principally these types of documents are essential such as;
• Demand Letter
• Power of Attorney
• Service Agreement
• Employment Contract
• Guarantee Letter
To be able to obtain the approval letter from the Government of Nepal, The following are, in principle, required for government formalities and procedures;
Demand Letter
Addressed to authorizing Earth Smart Human Resource Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (License No. 1050/073/074 Kathmandu Nepal mentioning the number of workers required in each category with salary, duty hour, food, accommodation and other benefits to workers.
Power of Attorney
Addressed to authorizing Earth Smart Human Resource Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (License No. 1050/073/074 Kathmandu Nepal to be a true and lawful attorney and agent of Nepal.
Service Agreement
Employing Company should provide us service agreement between the company and the recruitment agency in Nepal.
Employment Contract
One copy each signed and Sealed by the employer and employee.
Guarantee Letter
A signed and stamped copy by the employer company should be mentioned so that not to be deployed to other countries for work purposes.
For the Kingdom of Saudi Arab
The following additional Documents are essential for KSA only.
Authorization Letter/Counselor Letter, Company Registration (CR) Copy, Visa Slip (Bank Slip).
Note: Documents Should be duly sealed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce or concerned Government Authority and Nepalese Embassy of the respective country.